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"Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms."
1 Peter 4:10 NIV

Rooted in 1 Peter 4:10, we believe God has given us gifts and talents. Those are gifts freely given to us that He desires to use. Our job is to steward those well by cultivating and strengthening them, so that we can partner with God, through Christ, to fulfill his plans, using us to accomplish His will. At SOTA, we are focusing specifically on talents. 


Our mission at Stewards of the Arts is to equip our youth to become faithful stewards of their God-given gifts and talents to enlighten, encourage, and serve others. Simply put....we want to steward talent well.


In a world swirling with misused talent, we want to become individuals who choose to use our talents for that which is purposeful, encouraging, but most importantly, for God's use. 


Our vision is to unleash the most impactful and purposeful network of young christ-led creatives out into the world to boldly use their talents to honor god.

We believe there is a body of students out there sitting on their talents and gifts due to fear, comparison, and doubt. We want to help them so that they are bold, fearless, and ready to share their talents in the world the way God created them to!


At Stewards of the Arts, we believe that everyone should follow their passion...

Pursue Purpose

We believe that everyone created on this earth was created in God’s image with a purpose. It’s our responsibility to allow God to reveal it to us so we can pursue it fully.

Apply God's Word

We believe that God’s word is the ultimate source of truth and the foundation of SOTA. We will be intentional about not only sharing God’s word and principles with others, but also living it by example.

Steward Well

We believe that God has deposited gifts and talents to all of us, but it is our responsibility to steward those well. 

Serve Others

Servanthood is key. We believe that we are all here to be extensions of Jesus -- being his hands and feet here on earth to help serve others. At SOTA, one of the main ways we look to serve is through our talents. 

Ignite Creativity

We believe that creativity ignites creativity that ignites creativity. We will be intentional in creating and maintaining environments to create freely. 

Operate with Integrity

We believe that we should always operate in an honest manner whether people are watching or not.

Never Quit

No matter how hard it gets, don't ever give up.

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